4Seasons Consulting is a LEVEL1 BEE Vertically Integrated Software Consulting Company

Our Executive Team is as follows:


Director Training: VENETHA

Director: Sales Marketing & Resourcing : Shamillah Griffith

The Company Specializes in  The Training ,Placement and Mentoring of Software  Engineers  for Industry

We recognize that Building a Functional and sustainable Society for South Africa depends on our ability to Succeed and Thrive in the 4th Industrial Age

Our World class facilities are second to none in Africa.

We are fortunate to have as the Director Training Ms. Venetha,  

Her Passion for Training and Development of People is Legendary and the accolades she has received are well deserved.

We are also Invested heavily in General Corporate Training and Entrepreneurial Development. 

We provide personalized services for large and small to medium size companies with our aim of ensuring that all our clients are provided with quality candidates that are professional, competent, disciplined and reliable.

We provide our newly graduated matriculants\graduate candidates with “transition into the workplace” graduate programmes / courses so that our candidates are at a level of professionalism when they enter the market.

We also offer Soft skills learning workshops and Executive and group Coaching.

We pride ourselves in placing candidates from all backgrounds …

We believe and strive for the RIGHT FIT of candidates for our clients …
Shape the South African workforce with reliable, professional and quality candidates